Episode #4: Precepting tips, tricks, and horror stories

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Medicine has a long and rich history of educating future generations. Over the past 100 years, the medical model of training has emphasized hands-on training from senior peers through clinical rotations, internships, residences, and fellowships. Nearly every medical profession involves some degree of clinical education. Despite a rich history of mentorship and peer education, clinical education experience is highly variable. A recent explosion of nurse practitioner programs has led to a critical shortage of clinical education sites. Many schools do not offer or guarantee placement leading to heartbreaking situations where nurses have incurred 5-figure sums of student debt, but never graduate due to the scarcity of preceptors. John and I have both served as preceptors for many years and have found it to be one of the most gratifying aspects of our clinical roles. Maybe it’s just an ego trip, but I smile every time I see a clinical note written by a former student. I like to think that every time I take a student, I am doing my part to help future patients receive the best care available, but also help students connect with medicine as a calling.

Student precepting does not have to be a purely altruistic endeavor. Many schools provide compensation to preceptors and there are numerous fringe benefits including research library access, tuition vouchers, and tax credits.

In this episode of the podcast, John and I will discuss tips and tricks that can help you become a better preceptor. We will share stories of lessons we learned the hard way. While precepting may not be for everyone, it is an endeavor that most professionals can do within their current clinical roles to build their CV, make some extra money, or simply prepare the next generation for a career in medicine.

Another new feature for episode #4 will be the introduction of bonus content. John and I have MANY great entertaining stories involving the highs and lows of student precepting and we simply couldn’t fit them all into one episode. As a thank you to our loyal subscribers, a bonus patron only episode of WCRT: Off-Script will be posted to the website.

Is there a topic in medicine that you’d like us to tackle? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email with thoughts, suggestions, and episode ideas.

I hope you enjoy episode 4 of WCRT.


Mike and John.


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